We offer mechanical seals in several categories:

  • Basic types, where the main requirement is the price. These closures are offered in the normal technical design and the best selling colors. Their advantage is that there is always a sufficent quantity in stock.
  • Enhanced types, which are already subject to some specific requirements. Changes of some parts of the cap offered by our suppliers are possible, including thein color design.
  • Special types, where the parameters of the cap are adjusted. These are either related to the adjustment of certain components of the cap or the development of a new design.
We also offer the following options:

  • We can change packagings according to the customer needs so as to meet their requirements for transport. These requirements but must be specified when ordering.
  • Choose the packaging, which is the best meets their requirements in production. These requirements must be specified when ordering.
  • Change of the length of a tubing of individual mechanical seals, which are already in our stock.